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The Flemish Giants of our Rabbitry

Flemish Giants


Hall's 2DOC31 Athena

Color: Sandy

DOB: 11-12-02

Sex: Doe

Reg. #: L973C

Legs: 2

Sire: Hall's Dragomir 52DOC

Dam: Lone Pine Lori LP219

Comments: Very Nice Doe. Lacks width in her lower hindquaters but overall has great width, length, and is very massive. She always took second place to another doe I owned while I was showing her so she never got her GC leg but she deserved one!

Julia's HVR06 Antoinette

Color: Sandy

DOB: 6-7-05

Sex: Doe

Reg.: R107E

Legs: 1

Sire:  BT's Roscoe

Dam: Hall's 4DOC28 Guinevere

Comments: Very nice doe. nice type, however, lacks width to balance out her length.

Julia's HVR04 Olwyn
Color: Sandy
DOB: 4-30-05
Sex: Doe
Reg.: R91E
Legs: 2
Sire: Stephen's PS415 Julia's Caesar
Dam: Julia's AH02 Nefertiti
Comments: Excellent doe! Lacks width in her lower hindquaters but makes up for it with her excellent type, length, and width. She will be another big doe like her mother!

Julia's HRV01Gabrielle

Color: Sandy

DOB: 9-27-04


Sex: Buck

Legs: 4

Sire: Waldorf's 3B4 Harvey

Dam: Hall's 2DOC31 Athena

Comments: Great Buck. His head is a little small, but he is a BIG buck. He has excellent type, width, and length, and the sweetest personality of everyone in the barn. His offspring is looking very promising as well!


Hall's 5DOC39 Aries

Color: Sandy

DOB: 10-10-05

Sex: Buck

Reg. #: R108E

Legs: 1+

Sire: Hall's OHSOGOOD 4DOC51

Dam: Hall's ALLIETAZ 3DOC64

Comments: Really Nice Buck, great type, and personality. He's a little smaller than most of my sandies but he does have great bone.


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