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Flemish Giant Standard

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Flemish Giant


Black---Blue---Fawn---Light Gray---
Sandy---Steel Gray---White
Schedule Of Points:

General Type 55
Total Points.......100

Showroom Classes And Weights:


Senior Bucks 8 months of age and over: 13 pounds or over

Senior Does - 8 months of age and over: 14 pounds or over Intermediate Bucks & Does 6 to 8 months of age
Junior Bucks/Does - under 6 months of age

minimum weight for bucks and does 6 pounds.


General Type:

The body should be long and powerful as possible (not flat) with full, broad forequarters, hindquarters, and full chest.  The body should gracefully arch from intermediately behind the shoulder blades, reaching its highest point directly above the haunches, and gracefully sweep, rounded and full, to the base of the tail.

Faults: Pinched rump; paunchy; over fat; flabby; narrow.


Disqualification from Competition A short, blocky body, with no arch.  Length under 20 inches on seniors, measured from end of nose to base of the tail.

Head The head shall be large, broad, and in proportion to the body.  Bucks shall be more massive than does.

Ears The ear shall be in proportion to the body size, with erect carriage, and heavy ear base. Ideal length shall be 6 inches or more for seniors and intermediates.


Faults: Thin ears; weak base.

Disqualifications from Competition Ear length under 5 inches on seniors. Ears that turn at the tips.

Eyes The eyes shall have a reposeful expression.


Feet and Legs Feet and legs shall be straight, large, long, strong, powerful, and in proportion to body size. Toenails shall be evenly colored on all varieties except white.

Faults: Medium length; medium bone.


Disqualifications from Competition Short legs; fine, thin bone; cow hocks; flat feet or weak ankles; toenails not matching on the same foot or on corresponding foot.


Tail The tail shall conform in size to the body and be carried erect.

Fur - Coat is to be glossy, Full, dense coat, full of life and brightness.  Fur is to have uniform length and be free from molt.  Coat shall roll back to its normal position when stroked from the hindquarters toward the shoulders.

Faults: Thin or very short coat; long or soft coat; flying coat.


Color In all varieties, the surface color shall be uniform.


Black Surface color shall be black, under color shall be slate blue. Eyes: brown.


Blue The surface color shall be dark blue, the under color shall be slate blue. Eyes: blue-gray


Fawn Surface color shall be rich, golden straw color, the under color shall blend to a pale cream next to the skin.  Belly surface color, under color, and underside of tail shall be light cream to white.  Eyes: brown


Light Gray Surface color shall be uniform light gray with ticking of black tipped guard hairs.  It shall be an agouti coat with distinct bands visible when blowing into the coat.  The under color shall be slate blue next to the skin and there shall be an intermediate band of off white.  Belly surface color shall be white, with slate blue under color. Eyes: brown


Sandy Surface color shall be reddish sandy, interspersed with contrasting dark ticking.  The under color shall show a brassy reddish intermediate color with slate blue undercolor next to the skin.  The ears shall be laced with black.  The belly and underside of the side of the tail shall be cream to white. Eyes: brown


Steel Gray Surface color shall be a black steel gray, with a moderate amount of light gray tipped guard hairs evenly distributed.  The color shall be even over the entire body, including head, ears, feet, and legs. Under color shall be slate blue, carried down to the skin.  Belly color shall be as white as possible with a slate blue under color. Eyes: brown.


White Color shall be pure white throughout. Eyes: pink.



Faults (all varieties except white) Stray white hairs; shadow bars; off color on feet and legs


Disqualification from Competition Any other color than described in variety description


Condition Per ARBA definition.

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