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The Show Team

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The 2006 show team is here!

For the Love of the Sport...
For the Love of the Breed...

HVR06 Julia's Olwyn

Breed: Flemish Giant
Weight: 17.2 pounds
Sex: Doe
Variety: Sandy
Sire: Stephens' PS415 Julia's Caesar
Dam: HV01 Julia's Nefertiti
~BOB, BOV UNFGC Spring Thaw Specialty 4-1-06
~BOSV WCYRB Show 2 11-12-05
~BOV Badgerland Rabbit Club 10-8-05
Legs to Date: 2

HVR16 Julia's Antoinette

Breed: Flemish Giant
Weight: 15.5 Pounds
Sex: Doe
Variety: Sandy
Sire: BT's Roscoe
Dam: Hall's 4DOC28 Guinevere
~BOV WCYRB Show 1 11-12-05
~BOB, BOSV North Central Iowa RBA 11-26-05
Legs to Date: 1

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