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Flemish Giant Housing

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One of the hardest aspects of owning a Flemish Giant is finding appropriate housing. Most cage manufacturers do not make cages large enough for a Flemish Giant, which means you as the owner, must become creative. Here are some housing ideas from Flemish Giant owners.

Fenced Off Pen



Fenced Off Pen:
Size: Custom Size
Cost: $50+
Supplies: Fencing, Tyco Slides, Carpet squares, Cardboard tube, particle board, children's mobile.
"We used two Tyco Slides and decided how far apart we wanted the slides to be. Then I found a cardboard tube at Home Depot and put in the openings at the top of the slide using the wall anchors that expand when the screw is tightened. Then I cut some particle board to the size of the tops of both slides and carpeted them along with carpeting one of the slides so they would have traction to get to the top of the slide. Their play area is a small portion of the Den it's about 8'x10'. I got the slides from garage sales in the area for about $15.00 - $20.00. I can't remember which, I have 4 slides here. Two of the slides are in the larger bunny area, one slide is in Myrons area and the other two slides are outside on the enclosed in deck for them to enjoy the fresh air. They love chasing each other through the various openings and running up the slide and jumping down from the top on the other side. The mobile is what I call an ear tickler, they love getting inside the circle and knocking the little toys around with their ears."


Outdoor Hutch



Outdoor Hutch:
Size: Custom
Cost: $50+
Supplies: Wire, Wood, Metal Sheet for roof
"My flemish just has a big standard wire cage, nothing special.   It's raised up a little so poop that doesn't makes it to the litter box falls down and she has a mat in there to sit on. 
Likes: Cheap ( I got it free from someone who was getting out of rabbits.  We just added some scrap wood for reinforcement)  Also, it has a roof so she cannot get rained on.  It is portioned off down the middle so another rabbit could live in the other half. Dislikes:  It's so ugly."
Hutches can be made to fit any environment and situation, there are many blue prints available of the web for various designs.

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