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A little bit about me and my rabbits

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Hi! My name is Micah Crawford, I am 15 years old and a freshman at Caledonia High School, as well as a member of 4-H.
I have been involved with rabbits for a number of years, I started with Netherland Dwarfs but I decided the breed wasn't for me. I also owned Jersey Woolies for too but they weren't a good breed for me either. I eventually traded one of my Netherland Dwarfs for a Flemish Giant, and this last fall I purchased my first Thrianta!
I share my rabbitry with my sister Julia Crawford. Highland View Rabbitry is the main rabbitry, Julia raises Sandy Flemish Giants and Mini Lops
Besides raising rabbits, I am also in my school choir, and a play the french horn and trumpet in band. I'm also in the jazz band and jazz choir. I've also tried out for our school's musical. Besides music and theater, I also like cooking and video games. Besides showing rabbits in 4-H I also do food review, crafts, and performing arts.
That's a little bit about me.

Highland View Rabbitry proudly presents Micah's Rabbits! Taking up a tiny little corner of the barn is the Light Gray and White Flemish Giants, and Thriantas!