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1. All of my rabbits come with pedigrees if possible.

2. I DO NOT SHIP RABBITS ANYWHERE!! If you are really interested in a rabbit but live farther away, let me know and we may be able to work out a ride.

3. My prices are not set in stone but the price I put down is what I feel the animal is worth.

4. I require a down payment on animals you want to reserve, the down payment depends on the price of the animal.

5. The down payment is nonrefundable, as is the animal, I encourage you to look over any animal you buy from me to make sure it is what you want and looking for.

6. Animals for sale will be clearly marked as breed, show, or pet, and any none Disqualifications will be noted.

7. Because I am selling live animals I reserve the right to terminate a sale at any point.

8. Animals sold as show rabbits at the junior age, cannot be guaranteed to grow up to be good show animals.

9. If at any point you decide you cannot or do not want to take care of the animal, and you cannot find a new home for it, I will take the animals back. You will need to give me the cage, food any other supplies, which will be returned to you when the animal finds a new home. I will not refund the animal, If the animal requires vet treatment because of your care you will be paying for it.

Health Guarantee:

1. All animals will be healthy at the time of the sale, if they become sick withing the first week of ownership you can return the animal and will be refunded, or pick a different animal of equal value.  If you choose not to return the animal I will not refund you.

Rabbit Terms:

Show - Can be shown at 4-H or ARBA shows, free from disqualifications.

Brood - a doe that is good for breeding, may have a disqualification or fault that prevents it from being showable.

Herd Buck - High quality buck, would help start a line, or improve one.

Breeding - good for breeding, free from genetic disqualifications.

Pet - Has good temperment but is not an excellent show or breed rabbit.

Nothing for Sale at this time!

Tentative Fall Show Schedule

We can meet you at one of these shows if you are interested in a rabbit. If you are interested in one of the rabbits listed do not wait until the show to reserve one, as they may already be sold!

3/12/06 - Jefferson, WI
3/25/06 - Austin, MN
4/01/06 - Ellsworth, WI
5/06/06 - Faibault, MN

Expecting Does and In The Nest Box
Devine's DEV36G Esmeralda (Light Gray) x Devine's DEV3W Merlin (White)
~ 9 kits = 5 whites and 4 steels
2 Kits left 1 steel doe, 1 white doe

Highland View Rabbitry proudly presents Micah's Rabbits! Taking up a tiny little corner of the barn is the Light Gray and White Flemish Giants, and Thriantas!