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Flemish Giants * Thriantas
A tiny little division of Highland View Rabbitry


Welcome to my little corner of the! I raise Flemish Giants in the Light Gray and White variety, and thriantas! We are located in South East Minnesota, please visit our rabbitry home page
I raise rabbits for show, you can see me showing at American Rabbit Breeder Association shows in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. I also show rabbits in 4-H at my county fair.
For more information about my rabbits please visit my Flemish Giant and Thrianta page. For more information about me please visit the about use page, if you are interested in buying a rabbit from me, please see my for sale page.
Thank you for visiting my website, see you at the show!

Rabbitry Hoppenings!
Lost one more white, so we have Pudge and Fudge left, and these guys have turned into real porkers!
Unfortunatly Esmeralda lost 6 of her kits, she still has 3 large and active kits left! 1 light gray and 2 whites
Esmeralda has 9 kits! 5 whites and 4 light grays! check back to see an updated for sale page in a few months!

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Clubs I proudly belong to:

National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders

Iowa Flemish Giant Rabbit Association

American Thrianta Rabbit Breeders Association

Minnesota State Rabbit Breeders Association


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Highland View Rabbitry proudly presents Micah's Rabbits! Taking up a tiny little corner of the barn is the Light Gray and White Flemish Giants, and Thriantas!